• 2022-present: Lecturer in EECS at UC Berkeley
  • 2021–2022: MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley
  • 2017–2021: BA in Computer Science, BA in Data Science, UC Berkeley


If you have a question about one of the classes I’m teaching, please use the course emails instead. These are checked by me, the co-instructors, and head TAs, so you’ll get an answer more quickly if you use them.

  • CS 161: cs161-staff@
  • CS 188: cs188@
  • CS 61C: cs61c@

Personal email, only if it’s not related to the courses above: peyrin@

Note: peyrin@eecs. forwards to peyrin@ so emailing either one is equivalent.

(Add berkeley.edu to the end of each email)


Teaching ratings available here.

CS 161: Computer Security CS 61C: Machine Structures CS 188: Artificial Intelligence
Spring 2023 Instructor Co-instructor
(with Stuart Russell)
Fall 2022 Instructor Co-instructor
(with Igor Mordatch)
Summer 2022 Co-instructor
(with Fuzail Shakir)
(with Caroline Liu,
Justin Yokota)
Spring 2022 Head GSI
Fall 2021
Summer 2021 Co-instructor
(with Nicholas Ngai)
Spring 2021 Head UGSI
Fall 2020 Head UGSI
Summer 2020
(with Ryan Lehmkuhl)
Spring 2020 UGSI
Fall 2019 UGSI
Summer 2019 UGSI Tutor
  • Spring 2019
    • EE 16B (Designing Information Devices and Systems II)
    • Reader (grading, writing lecture notes)
  • Fall 2018
    • EE 16A (Designing Information Devices and Systems I)
    • Lab assistant
  • Spring 2018
    • CS 61A (Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs)
    • Academic intern (lab assistant, office hours)

UGSI (Undergraduate Student Instructor) and GSI (Graduate Student Instructor) are Berkeley-specific terms for TAs.


Sometimes I write about teaching-related things at CS 161’s pedagogy blog.