Email: peyrin (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Hi! I’m a 5th year MS student (graduating August 2022) in EECS at UC Berkeley studying computer science education, advised by Nicholas Weaver and Dan Garcia.

I’m interested in building large, scalable CS classes that are equitable and accessible for everyone. My current research focuses on preserving the benefits of remote exams, especially for students from marginalized groups, in a post-pandemic world.

I contribute regularly to CS 161’s pedagogy blog.


Teaching evaluations available on HKN.

CS 161: Computer Security

CS 61C: Great Ideas in Computer Architecture (Machine Structures)

CS 188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

EE 16B: Designing Information Devices and Systems II

EE 16A: Designing Information Devices and Systems I

CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

  • Spring 2018: Academic intern (lab assistant, office hours)